Cross Point Wireless Counter

Cross Point NEXUS Wireless Counters are stylish counters, designed to register the number of incoming and outgoing visitors of your store, as well as the flow of people inside your store.

The wireless counter network is scalable and extendable, which allows the possibility to create multiple counting aisles within your store. The visitor counting information from these aisles will provide you with insight in the flow of the visitors throughout your store.

The NEXUS Wireless Counters send the visitor numbers wirelessly to the CrossCONNECT Access Point, which sends visitor counting reports through e-mail, (S)FTP or to a shared drive.

The number of visitors let you to determine the conversion factor, the effects of advertising campaigns as well as staff planning.

Remote maintenance guarantees optimum operation at minimum cost.

The NEXUS Wireless Counter can be seamlessly fitted to door frames, columns and walls or mounted on the optional aluminum stand.

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