AM Deactivator

Cross Point AM Deactivator XAMD-1 is a combined label detector and label deactivator, designed for reliable detection and deactivation of AM Labels.

The AM Deactivator detects successful and failed deactivations, so that the label quality is checked constantly.

Successful / Failed

Perfectly flat / Recessed

Successful / failed

The AM Deactivator detects successful and failed deactivations, so that the label quality is checked constantly.

Deactivation occurs automatically after a label is presented.

The housing contains a buzzer and LED light. The light shows if the deactivation was successful or not.

Only 4 mm thick

The deactivation plate is only 4 mm thick and perfectly flat.

Because the edges are perfectly flat and the corners round, the deactivator plate can be milled in the counter easily.

A deactivator is a device for removing the protection of a product. This can and may of course only be done by authorized personnel, perhaps also only within opening hours. Or only when the cash register is active. That is why our deactivators are provided with options for controlling this.

Mounting Methods

The AM Deactivator can be mounted in two different ways. Normally the entire unit in the counter is milled for a recessed look, but the unit can also be mounted under the desktop using a bracket.

When the deactivator is milled in the counter, the control LEDs are visible on the plate. If the unit is mounted under the desktop, the optional Notification box can be used to provide status lights and buzzer feedback.


XAMD Notification Box

In specific situations or retail environments and applications it can be useful to externally notify deactivation results and have control over the actual deactivation timing.

The XAMD Notification Box will assist store employees in achieving optimal deactivation results.

Unauthorized deactivation can be prevented and the deactivator is turned into a Double Checker unit.

Premium features

  • Automatic synchronization

    Automatic synchronization with Cross Point AM systems

  • Optional Notification box

    The Notification box contains status LEDs, buzzer and key switch


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