Cross Point 3D90
Camera Counter

The Cross Point 3D90 camera counter combines a smart, highly dynamic stereoscopic camera with enough on-board computing power to pack precise image processing and feature-rich application software into an updated, sleek design.

Our people sensors use advanced imaging technology and analytics to provide key insights for retail spaces. This knowledge allows businesses to plan operations safely and efficiently, optimizing safety and resource use while minimizing risk.


Counting lines

8 Zones

Power over Ethernet


Count how many visitors your store attracts


> 250

visitors per day?


Almost Invisible

The Cross Point 3D90 can be mounted recessed in the ceiling.

Powered over Ethernet (PoE) it operates in the range from 2.0 m to 4 m height, covering an area up to 5 m x 6 m.

Ensure the effectiveness of promotional displays

The positioning of promotional material plays a key role in the success of businesses.

Cross Point people sensors identify hot spots for the most efficient placement of displays and promotional material by analysing dwell-time and other motion data, allowing you to maximise customer attention.

Retail Analytics

With Cross Point Analytics you’ll have all information at your fingertips.

You can see at a glance whether the systems are supplied with power, how busy it is in the store, what the conversion is but also what the weather is like.

Have insight in zones and see how many shoppers do actually purchase something.

Retail Analytics dashboard is available on computer, mobile and tablet - Cross Point

3D90 Camera Counter features

  • Sleek design

    When flush mounted with the ceiling, it almost invisible.

  • Multiple zones

    Up to 8 zones can be defined in the camera image. Cameras can be combined to enlarge the area.

  • Multiple counting lines

    Define up to 10 counting lines. People crossing those lines are counted individually.

  • Dwell time

    See how long people stay in one area or in your complete store.

  • Power over Ethernet

    No special power lines visible. One plug does it all.

  • Retail Analytics

    Perfectly integrated with our award winning Cross Point Analytics cloud based software platform.


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