From manufacturing to packaging

Our warehouse in the picture.

All of the Cross Point products are conceived, developed and designed in the Netherlands and also the assembly lines are located in our headquarters in Emmen. As you can see in the pictures, we assemble every antenna by hand and piece by piece. This way, we make sure all our systems contain the unique qualities of the Cross Point brand. We apply the craftsmanship of our production employees to modern processes. And that’s what makes the difference!

100% tested

Each antenna is fully tested by our own specialists before it is packed. You should know that 100% test coverage is near impossible to attain. However, that’s the ideal value we are aiming for.


After our products have been assembled, programmed and extensively tested, they are stored in our warehouse. Even though our warehouse is full at this moment, we continue assembling, so that we can supply our customers faster than ever before.

Team warehouse

Under the leadership of Martin Trip, Logistics Manager, these men work for you every day. Even during the last 8 weeks of coronavirus affected times, they have worked full time. We are proud of their cooperation and the determination to make this happen, day in and day out.


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