Visitor Flow Management

Due to the effects of the COVID-19 virus on retail environments and associated regulations, the number of simultaneous visitors in stores must be limited and visitor flows must be regulated.

To assist store personnel in controlling the number of allowed simultaneous visitors, several solutions are available. These solutions are based on detecting and counting the number of visitors entering and leaving the store. Integrated visitor counters, wireless counters and camera counters are available to perform this task.

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These are special times, that's why we'd like to catch up with you.

Due to the rapid and drastic way in which the coronavirus (COVID-19) is currently beating around the world, it is no longer a question of whether this situation will affect the retail segment in particular and the economy in general, but rather how fiercely it will affect us. We all face important challenges and wonder what the side effects of this situation will be on our business and how we can overcome this ‘battle’. In these special and uncertain times, these are very normal and rational questions.

At Cross Point we trust that, together with you as our partner, we will emerge stronger from this ‘battle’ and have a lot of confidence in the future with many interesting opportunities. We are still fully available and operational. We produce fully and make sure our stocks are up to date, so that we can serve you quickly now and in the near future.

On behalf of our entire organization, we wish you all the best and a quick recovery if you are affected by the coronavirus!

Think about each other, stay healthy and do not take unnecessary risks!

Kind regards,

The Cross Point Team

Fabulous Design

Your store looks stunning – just like our systems. Meet the power of our stylish designs, perfectly suited to your appearance and branch. After all, it’s about more than functionality and technology.

Our beautiful systems give your store an extra boost – enhance your appearance with surprising design! With or without integrated advertising panels.


Cross Point Antenna Advertising Paint horizontal - Cross Point

How to Put Together a Loss Prevention Plan for Your Store

A solid loss prevention plan means more than mounting a few surveillance cameras in the ceiling. Your store(s) need(s) a top-down, strategic focus on loss prevention if you’re going to have a real effect on shoplifting and inventory losses.


iMac with dashboard of Retail Analytics, made by Cross Point

Retail Analytics

From a classic system that only beeps to the revolutionary internet of things. Our next level system integrates customer counters, security and cash register systems into one large information database in the cloud.

You have real-time access to it, through a PC, tablet, or smart phone. All you need to know about effective theft prevention and effective store management. That’s what counts.

A Green World

The power consumption of our systems is considerably lower than that of competitors – up to 90%.

How is that possible? After closing hours of the store, our systems switch to standby mode. Halving power consumption, doubling the lifespan. And our systems are connected in the cloud. We can solve 89% of the service requests remotely without visiting the store. A big gain in time and money!


less energy

Cost of Ownership

We produce and sell our systems as efficiently as possible. Reliability and design come first for us. Always and without compromise, which guarantees lowest cost of maintenance. That’s why all our systems can be remotely serviced from the cloud. Some call this Internet of Things (IoT). We call it logical and solve issues remotely before you even notice them.

Our partners do have the ability to access your systems remotely and in the exceptional case that they cannot solve an issue, we can remotely access your systems also. That’s why we give 5 years warranty on connected systems

Laptop with dashboard Device Explorer - Cross Point
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