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The Sports branch

The specific character of sport stores, where customers want to try out sports attributes and clothing, means that the retailer sometimes does not know how certain products can be easily displayed and yet properly secured.

Think of tennis rackets, baseball bats, golf sticks, skate boards, ski equipment, sports shoes and much more. Yet there are solutions for securing the most diverse items in a subtle but efficient way.

Every sports store is different. From general to niche, from small boutique to huge shopping mall. Therefore, security must also take into account these different environmental factors. The classic security pedestals come in many sizes and colors, and are used depending on the width of the passageways and the style of the store. And we see more and more systems hidden in the floor. Cross Point delivers them all, and most of them are RFID ready.


For large entrances,
think about a fully concealed solution

AM or RF

In Sports we advise AM technology


In Fashion and Sports,
RFID ready systems become the standard


Know your customers
and use your conversion properly


Why buy a loss prevention system
if you don't know if it works?

You want to optimize your retail business?

Argus Blue - Concealed EAS System - Cross Point

Invisible protection

You want a wide and unobstructed entrance? With better security than RFID detection only? Use our ARGUS floor system.

For those stores where invisible security is required or regular security pedestals just don’t fit, we offer our AM based ARGUS concealed system.

Black is beautiful

Our famous NEXUS series, available in AM and RF technology is available in black and silver/white.

The NEXUS is a combined AM/RF article surveillance system, visitor counting and advertising system. It offers maximum detection of hard- and disposable tags in challenging store environments.

The NEXUS series can be equipped with advertising panels or can blend in the environment as a maximum transparent system.

Ostra Tag Cross Point

What about tagging?

In a sports store, there are a lot of different articles that need to be secured. A good security solution is the combination of the right security tags and a well performing system. But what is a good tag?

First of all, the lock should be good. We offer tags with a 13.000 Gauss locking mechanism. But if you can cut it easily from the merchandise it doesn’t make sense. That’s why we have a patented shell on our tags. And for detection you need a good copper coil and good capacitors. Don’t bother about technical details, we do. And if your tags falls, it should not break apart into a thousand pieces. You need good plastics.

Want to gain retail insights and optimize your business?

People counting and zones

As a store manager for a sports store, it is not only important to know what the turnover is, but also what it could have been. For this it is important to know how many people are inside, at what times and what these people are most interested in. The latter is possible with zones.

Cross Point’s 3D counters can perfectly visualize these visitor flows in the most accurate way. Of course we also integrate these counters into the pedestals.

All Cross Point devices accurately count visitors, whilst our well-developed software provides useful information to the management team and the decision makers.

Retail Analytics

With Cross Point Analytics you’ll have all information at your fingertips.

You can see at a glance your conversion rate, comparison between different stores or locations, whether the systems are supplied with power, how busy it is in the store but also what the weather is like.

From your mobile phone, tablet or PC. Again, you choose!

Laptop with dashboard Device Explorer

Do your pedestals operate?

Ever walked in a shopping center with a security tag? You’ll discover that a lot of systems don’t operate, they have simply been turned off. What about your return on investment?

Our systems are always on, otherwise you will receive an automatic notification. Your staff cannot switch off the systems because it is not convenient. And we have an on-indication for potential thieves.

Why choose our products and solutions?

  • Product design

    Our products are designed to enhance your store without disrupting shopper experience

  • Store analysis

    Our Analytics platform was created to help you analyse store performance and comparison quickly and conveniently

  • Global partner network

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    Our products support remote service, making it possible to quickly and effectively respond to any service required