iMac with dashboard of Retail Analytics, made by Cross Point


Cross Point Analytics is the tool for retailers who want to obtain insight in the performance of their stores. Through an easy-to-use web-based service and iOS apps, comprehensive store analysis and store monitoring can be achieved in a clear and convenient way.

Centralization of Point Of Sale and visitor counter information enables proper store performance analysis.

Cross Point Analytics collects the centralized information and presents this in a clear and easy to use interface.

POS Data Integration

Conversion and Trend Analysis

Counting and zones

Web Based and Mobile Apps

Analyze store performance

Centralization of Point Of Sale and visitor counter information enables proper store performance analysis.

Cross Point Analytics collects the centralised information in the Cloud and presents this in a clear and easy to use interface.

Personalized dashboards

Personalize your dashboard by configuring various graphs, for quick and easy insight in visitor footfall for single stores or groups of stores.

Stores can be grouped in standard, personal and smart groups, making store comparison easy and complete.

All your stores on the map

What is easier to understand than all your stores visible on a map? See if the alarm level in one store is too high. See if gangs are travelling from store to store.

In this map, you see directly if the store is performing well and if all systems are functioning. Is it indicated red? Take immediate action.

Design any report you like

On screen graphs are responsive and they animate. You can zoom and change settings directly. But sometimes you just want to have it on paper or as PDF.

That is why all our graphs can be arranged on a piece of paper. You choose how. Even complete dashboards can be copied to a report. Send them to any recipient you like.

Smart store management

Handle your stores the same way as your smart playlists in Spotify? Automate store management.

With smart store lists we can group stores by some simple rules. Group stores automatically by region, store type or any other property. By comparing the right stores you see trends. We call it trend analysis.

Some problems are more like issues

You do not want to call a technician for something that you can solve yourself. 80% of the issues are caused by the user; tag too close to the pedestal or blocked counters due to merchandise or pull-over advertising.

Cross Point is clear about issues. We show what is happening and what you can do about it. And of course, we always help if needed.

98% accuracy. What does that mean?

We hear people talking only about the accuracy of their counters. But is that really important? Do you want to know if it was 342 or 346 people in one day? You want to see a trend. When are people coming in, does it change after you changed the store layout?

But still, 98% is not interesting if you miss one day of data. All your averages are wrong when this happens! The week with the missing day is always worse than the week before, and the month before, and year before…

In that case it is better to use common sense. And what is that? To keep your averages useful, better fill in a number for the missing day. But what number? In most cases the best guess is the same day one week ago. Then at least all your averages are fine again. Cross Point Analytics can do this completely automatically. Isn’t that smart?

Efficiency in your pocket!

Store comparison has never been this easy, complete and accessible everywhere through the usage of convenient web-based, iPad and iPhone applications.

Select the right device. On the headquarter a PC is the natural tool to analyse a number of shops, but if you are a regional manager, a tablet with only the stores you are responsible for is more convenient. And for a store manager his mobile phone is the first choice. We’ve created native Apps for Android and iOS.

Increase your revenue

Get insight in visitor flows, trend analysis, evaluation of advertising campaigns, deployment and performance of your personnel.

Increase your buyer-to-traffic ratio and revenue per customer thanks to real-time management information, 100% customized to your needs.

More information?

We hope you have found Cross Point Analytics interesting and we would like to share more information and answer any questions in a personal meeting with you.

If you’re interested, then please contact us or our partners located in the Contact area of our website. Thank you for your interest.


Interested in a demo?

The information on this page has most likely triggered some curiosity on your side, at least that’s what we are aiming for. If this is true, then we would like to invite you to the Cross Point Analytics demo.

Just click the button below and you will be taken to the demonstration area, where virtual shops are located within Cross Point Analytics. These stores are fed with actual information from live stores, making the demonstration a true experience.

Why Cross Point Analytics is a must-have?

  • Not only counting

    Solutions only work if they operate as designed. We show every aspect - also rare issues - to our end-users. If you buy hardware you better know if it is switched on...

  • Increase profit

    Our products and solutions will help you to reduce losses resulting in increased profit.

  • Bring everything together

    All our systems are CrossCONNECT enabled. That means that we connect everything to our cloud. And we bring it all together in one tool: Cross Point Analytics.

  • Trend Analysis

    We try to show trends, not just numbers. Oh yes, from the trends we can create an Excel file, but making trends from numbers is our job.


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