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Become a Cross Point Partner

We are currently looking for new value added resellers in the USA and Canada.


Please use our contact form below if you are interested in becoming a Cross Point Partner in these countries.

Greg Raubenheimer (Vitag) tells about the partnership with Cross Point

Vitag has been supplying the Cross Point range of Acousto Magnetic (AM) systems for the last 8 years to the Australian market. The Cross Point AM systems have unsurpassed and consistent quality and reliability. The low energy use and reliable performance have enabled Vitag to secure some major clients from our competitors.

Greg Raubenheimer, Cross Point partner since 2011

Why Cross Point?

We were established in 1993 and throughout the years we have built up an enormous amount of expertise in EAS and customer counting. We have a growing team of experts at our disposal and we dare to say that we are at the top of EAS-manufacturers worldwide.

Some competitors say that AM is the best technology, some say it is RF. But we are technology independent. We develop and produce both technologies and are aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each technology. Therefore we can give you an honest answer.

We pack those technologies in the most beautifully designed systems available in the market. That’s why we can truly say that our designs are copied the most worldwide. For a reason of course…

Why we need you?

Our alliance partners add value to our business. Together we can accomplish more than each of us can individually. Thats is why we are always searching for new partners all over the world.

Partners know the culture in their country and are familiar with local issues and challenges. We want trained partners to ensure that our equipment works as designed. Only this way we can provide adequate service, advice and training to retailers worldwide.

What do we expect from you?

We are searching for partners that choose customer intimacy as their organizational discipline.

Are you a cost leader and looking for the cheapest systems in the world? Call China, not us! We deliver service and products on the highest level available. We innovate, design and develop the best systems in the world. Without compromise.


Help us to service our customers

We are present worldwide because our customers are. Over the years we have developed a tight and solid network with our Alliance Partners. All from the central idea that, now more than ever, ‘a global market’ has been established.

We trust we can rely on you for servicing our customers in your country just as our current Alliance Partners and we will support you in this task.

What can you expect from Cross Point?

High quality design, excellent detection characteristics enhanced with many other features make the NEXUS RF30 the best choice for creating smart profit protection solutions.

Technology independent

Cross Point products can be recognized easily. They distinguish themselves from products of other manufacturers by their outstanding design, advanced functionality, ease of use, reliability and quality. Therefore, many of our products are recognized as the benchmark in their class.

We deliver loss prevention solutions in RF and AM technology. Beside this we deliver people counting solutions and retail analytics. All our products are connected to the cloud.

There is an App for that!

Through our Partner Information App, we provide our partners with the latest Cross Point news, personalized price lists, up-to-date product information, calculators and retailer information.


Stay up-to-date thanks the Cross Point Partner App

You will always have all up-to-date info available on your iOS or Android phone and tablet.

Not the retailer will trigger you.
We will!

All our systems are connected to the cloud. It is not just a point-to-point remote connection. That gives us the ability to trigger you when something happens with your installed systems.

In our partner tool – called Device Explorer – we give you an overview of all your installed stores. When there is something wrong, you’ll be notified and you can solve it before the retailer has even noticed it. That is what we call remote service.


Laptop with dashboard Device Explorer - Cross Point
iMac with dashboard of Retail Analytics, made by Cross Point

Analytics for Partners

Our famous Retail Analytics is also available for our partners. But the purpose is completely different!

Within Analytics, each partner can create personal dashboards for each employee. You can see on a map if all your installations are up-and-running, issues, type of systems, installations dates and much more!

You are always in control of your installations.

5 Years Warranty on Cross Point antennas


We produce and sell our systems as efficiently as possible. All our systems can be remotely serviced from the cloud. Some call this Internet of Things (iOT). We call it logical and solve issues remotely before the retailer even notices them.

You will have the ability to access your systems remotely and in the exceptional case that you cannot solve the issue, we can remotely access your systems also. That’s why we give 5 year warranty on connected systems.

Join now!

Join our partner alliance and you will receive a custom-made control panel for your services and products.

Our sales team will provide assistance and potential new leads and we will deepen our cooperation in an optimal manner in the area of marketing.

Please fill out the form with your personal and company info and we will contact you.