Cross Point provides pedestals with an extra reinforcement in the bottom of the antenna, tailor made for the supermarket branche

Supermarkets and Hypermarkets

Normally in the supermarket, every visitor is also a buyer. But if you look closer, you see empty packages and bottles. These are often consumed in the supermarket.

If that doesn’t work, these “visitors” like to take the products in their bag or backpack. Product security is a must especially for hypermarkets where, in addition to food items, fashion and other items are also sold. The most stolen goods are drinks, batteries, razor blades and certain dry foods. It is therefore absolutely essential to secure these.

RF Mono

In supermarkets RF technology is the standard

Strong pedestals

Pedestals should be very strong

Remote Service

Quick remote service when required

You want to optimize your retail business?


RF Technology in supermarkets

Robust pedestals

A challenge in the supermarket environment lies in the fact that the security at the exit must be very robust. It is very frequent that heavy shopping carts bump against the pedestals.

That’s why we have a FORTUS line in our range, extremely strong pedestals that look elegant. A success number!


Two Solus EAS Antennas Cross Point
Extra Strong Foot - Solus EAS Antenna - Cross Point

As strong as
it can be...

Under difficult circumstances such as in the supermarket, it is essential that systems are strong.

Cross Point provides pedestals with an extra reinforcement in the bottom of the antenna and can optionally provide good and nice looking antenna protection

Use the right tags

Different laws apply in a supermarket environment. It is not only theft by taking things from the store, but also to eat or drink it on the spot.

Cross Point has the right solutions for this. Please ask us for the right advise.

You want to optimize your retail business?

Laptop with dashboard Device Explorer - Cross Point

Serviced remotely

In a supermarket all aisles are used at busy times. There is no time and space to service a pedestal in front of your customers.

That is why all our systems are equipped with remote service facilities. We receive a notification when there are any problems and we resolve it before you even notice it.

Why choose our products and solutions?

  • Strong pedestals

    In the supermarket environment you need strong pedestals. We offer them complete with shielding and protection poles.

  • Different alarm notifications

    You want a silent alarm? Or very loud? Green, yellow, red. Different colours for metal detection? It is all possible.

  • Remote service

    Our products can be remotely serviced, making it possible to quickly and effectively respond to any issues that occur.

  • Global partner network

    We have a global partner network, properly trained to install and service our products.