Secure your Drugstore and Pharmacy with EAS Antennas from Cross Point

Health, beauty and pharmacy

Many products are found in stores of the Health and Beauty branch. These products are also diverse in shape. Small pots and even eye pencils and lipstick must be protected.

We see that mainly label manufacturers respond to these small items. In general this is a branch that uses AM technology, but RF also occurs. The EM technology with the very small labels was always preferred, but this technology has almost completely disappeared. If RF is nevertheless used, then metal detection becomes extra important. Despite the large amount of products, we still see little RFID in this branch, which is explained by the fact that the labels must be small.

Often a big amount of products is directly available for customers and there is not a perfect view of what is happening in every corner of the store. Furthermore, a health and beauty shop has a lot of small and expensive items in stock.

AM or RF

Both technologies are used in this branch for anti-theft solutions


A lot of shoplifters use foil bags or jammers in this branch

Rent out advertising space

Retailers rent out their pedestal space to perfumery suppliers


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AM Technology


RF Technology

Anti-theft solutions

For efficient theft protection of valuable articles in perfumery or other beauty stores, a solution with labels and security pedestals is actually a must.

The security pedestals at the entrance come in different designs, so they can nicely adapt to the look & feel of your store.

Smart retailers rent out the advertising space in the pedestals to suppliers. Advertising posters can be easily changed and cover the complete pedestal. It looks like a picture frame.

Overview of the Maxus AM Antenna - Cross Point

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Metal detection stops booster bags

Metal detection

In addition to the basic EAS setup in the health, beauty and pharmacy branch, metal detection may also be necessary.

Metal detection systems detect whether “prepared bags” are brought into the store. Cross Point systems are optionally equipped with metal detectors and will notify you silently.

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That’s why all our systems can be remotely serviced from the cloud. Some call this Internet of Things (iOT). We call it logical and solve issues remotely before you even notice them. That’s why we give 5 years warranty on connected systems


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