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Consumer Electronics

For retailers of high-quality consumer electronics such as smartphones, tablets, e-readers, drones, cameras and smart watches, the customer experience can be just as important as the anti-theft prevention. Often, the appearance, feel and performance of the product in the store, including the ability to fully experience the functions, such as menus and apps, can be crucial in a customer’s purchasing decision.

Now that a proliferation of new consumer electronics products is coming onto the market and retailers are under competitive pressure to reduce costs and staff, a solid security system is enhancing the appeal of this category. In addition to line security solutions, other things are just as important. These stores often have a significant surface area, so it is crucial that you know where your customer is. Good customer counting systems, but also visible tagging of blister packs remain important.

Count your visitors

Insight into visitor flows


What are the most important places in your store?


Trend analysis is becoming increasingly important

Visible anti-theft solutions

Scare off potential shoplifters

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Customer counting and heat mapping

The Cross Point 3D90 and 3D180 combine a smart, highly dynamic stereoscopic camera with enough on-board computing power to pack precise image processing and feature-rich application software into an updated, sleek design.

They can be used to count visitors at the entrance, but zones can also be created to count the number of people in that zone.

Cross Point Analytics offers insight into the data generated to discover trends.

3D Camera Counter with Analytics Dashboard on iMac - Cross Point

You want to optimize your retail business?

AM or RF?

What technology should be used for consumer electronics? A hidden system that is installed in the floor with AM technology? Or normal AM or RF antennas?

For the consumer electronics industry, we see that AM technology is used more often than RF technology. The simple reason is that AM systems can be concealed in the floor and that many spiders are used with AM or DR labels for blister packs.

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The efficient security of a multimedia store starts with the security gates at the entrance. Tagged products can be easily detected at the exit or at the checkout.

A clear alarm informs store staff that a secured item is unauthorized passing between the detection gates. These detection gates exist in many different versions, both in terms of technology and robustness.

Detail of the top with counter on the Nexus Black Cross Point

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