Cross Point offers good solutions to secure shoes in a subtle but efficient way

Shoes and leather goods

The specific nature of these stores, where customers want the shoes and/or leather goods to be felt and fit as comfortably as possible, means that the retailer sometimes does not dare to think about security. Often because securing shoes and other leather goods with tags that perforate the shoe can not be used.

Nevertheless, shoe stores and stores where leather goods are sold are often a popular target for thieves. There are good solutions to secure these items in a subtle but efficient way. The enormous loss that can be reduced makes strong shoplifting security one of the fastest-earned investments.


Fully concealed EAS solution advised


See how your visitors move on the street and in your stores


Automated store trend analysis with clear reports


Quick service without physical interaction

You want to optimize your retail business?

How to protect your merchandise?

ARGUS AM Floor System offers ultimate discretion while performing its highly advanced security task.

Concealed presence

A concealed security system combines high-end protection of your valuable merchandise with an uncompromised open and accessible entrance of your store.

Our ARGUS AM Floor System achieves just that.

Turn visitors into customers

Keeping track of the number of daily visitors in your store is a key factor in measuring your store’s performance.

How many visitors are turned in to buying customers? Measuring is knowing and our 3D Camera Counters are cut out to do this job.

You want insight in conversion?

AM or RF technology?

What technology should be used to protect shoes or bags? A concealed system which is installed in the floor uses AM technology? Or normal AM pedestals? And what about RF?

Cross Point delivers all available technologies, in the floor or using a pedestal. But how to attach a tag to a shoe or bag? With our best-in-class lanyards all our tags can be attached to shoes and bags. Do you want to use disposables? We don’t care, you choose.




AM technology
in this branche


No matter what technology it will be, we have the right tagging solutions for your shoes and bags.

For both AM and RF we have disposables that can be glued invisibly in the bag or in the shoe. Customers don’t feel it or see it.

Should it be visible, please use our OSTRA tags with integrated lanyard support and use the shoe’s lace hole for the lanyard.

Retail Analytics

With Cross Point Analytics you’ll have all information at your fingertips.

You can see at a glance whether the systems are supplied with power, how busy it is in the store, what the conversion is but also what the weather is like.

Why choose our products?

  • Product design

    Our products are designed to enhance your store without disrupting shopper experience

  • Global partner network

    We work with a world-wide network of dedicated partners, offering you quick and reliable service

  • Remote service

    Our products support remote service, making it possible to quickly and effectively respond to any service required

  • Story Analysis

    Our Analytics platform was created to help you analyse store performance and comparison quickly and conveniently