In the gardening branch, pedestals should be strong. That's why we developped the Solus RFM Antenna.

Gardening and Pet stores

Gardening and pet stores normally sell many items in addition to their standard range. These can easily be stolen. A trend in garden shops is to sell more and more household and small interior items. Customers visit the stores with large bags in shopping carts, which makes it easy to steal them out of sight of security personnel.

AM/RF Mono

In this branch AM or RF mono technology is standard

Strong pedestals

Pedestals should be very strong

Remote Service

Quick remote service when required

You want to optimize your retail business?

Robust pedestals

A challenge in the gardening and pet stores environment lies in the fact that the security at the exit must be very robust. Heavy shopping carts are frequently bumped against the pedestals.

That’s why we have a FORTUS line in our range, extremely strong pedestals that look elegant. A success number!


As strong as
can be...

Under difficult circumstances, it is essential that systems are strong.

Cross Point provides pedestals with an extra reinforcement in the bottom of the antenna and can optionally provide good and nice looking antenna protection

You want to increase conversion?

Metal detection

In addition to the basic EAS setup in gardening stores, metal detection may also be necessary. The pedestals are then provided with additional technology or additional pedestals are provided. Metal detection systems detect whether “prepared bags” are brought into the shop, bags that have an aluminum liner to conceal labeled items for the detectors.

We also care about our green world...

The power consumption of our systems is considerably lower than that of competitors – up to 90%. How is that possible?
After closing hours our systems switch to standby mode. Halving consumption, doubling the lifespan.


less energy

Did you know we can solve 98% of your issues without local intervention?
Laptop with dashboard Device Explorer - Cross Point

Serviced remotely

In a big gardening stores all aisles are used at busy times. There is no time and space to service a pedestal in front of your customers.

That is why all our systems are equipped with remote service facilities. We receive a notification when there are any problems and we resolve it before you even notice it.

Why choose our products and solutions?

  • Strong pedestals

    In gardening and pet stores you need strong pedestals. We offer them complete with shielding and protection poles.

  • Different alarm notifications

    You want a silent alarm? Or very loud? Green, yellow, red. Different colours for metal detection? It is all possible.

  • Remote service

    Our products can be remotely serviced, making it possible to quickly and effectively respond to any issues that occur.

  • Global partner network

    We have a global partner network, properly trained to install and service our products.