Jula, a Scandinavian company in continuous growth

Jula offers handy people a wide and carefully chosen range of products for homes, gardens and leisure-time activities at low prices.

This DIY retailer in the Nordics saw its sales go up substantially over the past years and is now one of the major companies operating on the Swedish, Norwegian and Polish retail markets.


Our top-notch antennas installed in the stores


Detects potential hardware problems at an early stage

Gate Security

Supplied by our Swedish Alliance Partner.

Well-equipped stores

JULA, with more than 100 stores and over 3000 employees, decided this year to continue with the installations of the Cross Point solutions, including Cross Point Analytics software, supplied by Gate Security, our partner.

The agreement with Gate Security and JULA is with FORTUS AM40 and MAXUS AM50 antennas. Based on the large geographical distances in these countries, they also implemented CrossCONNECT Access Points for remote service.

In total, Gate Security has now installed more than 60 JULA stores and by using Cross Point Analytics software, the Headquarter is able to monitor the Cross Point systems. The management has insight into all the data that our devices generate via Cross Point Analytics for appropriate analysis. In addition, they can see where and which active problems there are in which stores.

IoT with Retail Analytics

With Cross Point Analytics you’ll have all information at your fingertips.

You can see at a glance whether the systems are supplied with power, how busy it is in the store, what the conversion is but also what the weather is like.

This is the most comprehensive form of Retail Analytics and our systems provide all data for this.


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