Launch of our new products at EuroShop!

Let’s meet at the EuroShop 2020: It’s coming soon, very soon.

EuroShop 2020: All retail needs. Everything in five days with over 100,000 visitors, all in one place. From Cross Point you can expect new product launches such as our brand new FORTUS AM System with integrated RFID and a state-of-the art loop system!

Do you want to hear everything about it? Visit us at EuroShop!

FORTUS AM with integrated RFID

The FORTUS AM RFID System will offer a complete security solution, with very significant benefits. The hardware can be discreet, aesthetically pleasing and the RFID tags are ‘intelligent’. This means that each tag is associated with a particular product – when an alarm is triggered, store employees can be instantly notified of the exact item responsible.

Concealed loop system

The ARGUS family is expanding! Our new loop system is designed to deliver concealed protection in each environment. Ideal for stores with entrances who choose not to deploy a visible security solution.

The Cross Point Partner App

We noticed that many of you value our app. That is why we will introduce version 2 of this App in the short term. In this version we will introduce an online tag web shop, Ranking The Stars functionality and much more. We constantly update our Retailers section with new information. This allows us to better serve customers on an international scale, a win-win for all our partners.

If you have something to share, please let us know and we will create a new topic in the App. Our sales managers will ask you for topics regularly.

Let's toast!

Monday February 17th 2020 Anniversary Party and get together at our stand starting at 16:00 hours!

We want to thank you who trusted in Cross Point for the past 25 years! This has to be celebrated. Save the date of our anniversary party at our stand!

Tickets or more info?

Tickets are available online and at the ticket desks. For visitors to our stand we have a limited number of free tickets. Go to the Cross Point Partner Info App for a step-by-step explanation how to get your free ticket.

For any further questions or help regarding your visit, please get in contact with Mirella Drenth. She will be happy to assist you!

Mirelle Drenth

+31 (0)591 66 88 66

See you at EuroShop!


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