Launch of the XAMD Notification Box

In specific situations or retail environments and applications it can be useful to externally notify deactivation results and have control over the actual deactivation timing.

The XAMD Notification Box will assist store employees in achieving optimal deactivation results. Especially developed for our XAMD Deactivator series, the XAMD Notification Box offers various features. It is connected to the XAMD Deactivator and contains a green and red LED, a buzzer and a key switch.

Deactivation result

The LEDs show the deactivation result; green if the deactivation was successful, red if deactivation failed. The buzzer also notifies the store employee about the deactivation results.

Prevent unauthorized deactivation

The key switch is used to enable/ disable deactivation. When deactivation is disabled, detection of secured items is still possible by presenting them to the deactivator. In this way, unauthorized deactivation can be prevented and the deactivator is turned into a
Double Checker unit, useful for checking products for active security labels.


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