Service required?

In today’s fast-paced world, a quick response to a service call makes the difference. Customer satisfaction relies heavily on fast response times and that’s just what we offer. Our products are connected to our Cloud and our partners use advanced software tools to supply quick and adequate service through our remote service platform.

One of these tools is Device Explorer, exclusively available for our partners and used during installation and configuration of our products locally in the store as well as during a remote service intervention.

Laptop with dashboard Device Explorer - Cross Point

Device Explorer

Cross Point partners and installers use Device Explorer to quickly and conveniently install and configure our products during installation.

A clear user interface offers a convenient overview of the installed equipment and provides the installer with all settings to deliver maximal performing products.

Convenient Remote Service

In case immediate response to a service call is required, Device Explorer enables our partners and us to deliver that fast response without the need to physically visit the store.

Most issues can be solved by remotely adjusting device settings. In case the issue cannot be solved immediately, at least a predection of the cause can be given and appropriate action can then be taken.

Laptop with dashboard Device Explorer - Cross Point

Cloud Based

The way in which remote service is offered differs greatly per supplier. Cross Point has opted for a cloud-based solution.

Competitors set up a team viewer solution as a remote service solution. This requires a virus-sensitive PC in the store that is connected to the systems. Ports must be opened in the firewall to gain access. All things that the IT department does not want. We have opted for a cloud based solution with servers all over the world to keep the connections quick, reliable and secure, just like with your bank.

Customer satisfaction

Our advanced Cloud based platform and associated software tools like Device Explorer make it possible for us and our partners to achieve the highest level of quick, solid and reliable service.

Anywhere in the world, at any time!

It is a fact!

Our experience shows that out of all service calls…


are solved through

remote service

That’s one major reason to select Cross Point products and services!