Unique selling points and reasons
to believe in Cross Point

We as Cross Point provide our partners and retailers with innovative hard & software solutions for entrances, exits and checkouts, enabling retailers to minimize losses and maximize store performance.

Designed Technology, Ease of Use and Green solutions is what we offer.


One aspect where Cross Point distinguishes itself is its unique and unprecedented designs. Design is a value which is handled with utmost care.

Design should be seamless and technology is embedded in our designs. Technology should feel and look great. Our stylish designs are a perfect fit in every store to enhance the customer experience for every retailer. Retailers are also able to add their own logo and advertisements to our antennas to highlight their visibility and presence. For Cross Point design is no compromise. Every design feature is fully reviewed and our designers are trendsetting in the business.


Striving for the best possible products and services implies interaction with our customers on a day-to-day basis and know-how about the latest technology.

Cross Point has AM, RF and RFID in its technology domain making it the right choice for every store. Innovation and trendsetting are our values. The connectivity is a clear proof point where Cross Point was the first in the market. Connectivity has many advantages.

Be in control of your stores

The embedded software, also referred to as ‘firmware’, is a type of software which runs on the physical Cross Point products, like the processors on the PCB. This type of software works closely together with the hardware.

For example, the embedded software on an EAS antenna is responsible for, but not limited to, the signal processing, alarming and visitor counting.

All embedded software is designed, implemented, tested and maintained by Cross Point engineers. This results in an optimal integration with the hardware and the embedded software running on top of it to provide our customers with a high-end product.

Maximise profit of your stores

Connectivity comes with another great benefit. Which layout of the store is best performing? At what time do I need another store employee to come in? What is the impact of the weather on my store performance?

With Cross Point Analytics the store manager can answer all these questions real-time with the use of his mobile phone making it easier, faster and better to manage the store.

Remote Service and Analytics enables real-time access and control anywhere in the World! And with Cross Point the World become greener as well.

A Greener World

Cross Point systems have a considerably lower power consumption– from min 50% up to 90% in some specific cases compared to other solutions in the market.

The smart green systems will do this automatically. Again, the store employee is fully engaged with the shoppers.

Let’s design the future!

Cross Point will continue to focus on the needs in the market and will innovate on the forefront on Technology and Design.


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