Victoria's Secret defines sensuality, standing out and discretion

For women across the world, Victoria’s Secret defines sensuality, standing out and sometimes discretion too. Well, for that last part Cross Point contributed with its new leading-edge ARGUS system in the Mall of Muscat, Oman.


Completely integrated in the floor


Detects potential hardware problems at an early stage

Small But

The Controller Box has the size of a sheet of paper

Invisible but top-notch security

The ARGUS provides unobscured access to the Victoria’s Secret’s store combined with a maximized visitor flow in this mall. The system offers ultimate discretion while performing its security task. Having this highly advanced function in the ARGUS is not only convenient, it also fits in every store design.

The entry width can be extended with several units that are connected to each other. That’s why the ARGUS is the right solution for large open entries.

Prestigious project

Together with the Victoria’s Secret store designers and store managers, Cross Point’s support engineers ran the quality control process over every piece to ensure the EAS system works perfectly.
The job was finished in no-time because potential setbacks were avoided.

Another prestigious project completed by one of the biggest retailers in the world!


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