Russia becomes the new driver of growth for UNIQLO

By opening more standout UNIQLO stores in major cities, they want to increase the awareness of their brand profile. A succesfull strategy, because UNIQLO was selected by CBN as a “Top Brand in China” for the seventh consecutive year.

This very promising retailer chooses Cross Point for its new store in Russia.

Chinese Brand

Over 2000 stores worldwide and hitting revenue of 200 billion Yen

27 Plexus

An army of full body acrylic pedestals are securing the Russian store


In case of an alarm event, PLEXUS RF40 illuminates the complete acrylic plate

Unique business model

What an entrance

UNIQLO’s management continually research the latest trends in the global fashion industry. The in-depth research results in suppliers and goods that fit perfectly in the shop concept.

In this Russian store, they wanted to provide the entrance with an impressive number of EAS systems. And what suits better than the full body acrylic Plexus RF antenna? Due to its maximum transparency, it blends into the look and feel of the store.

With 27 EAS systems spread over 2 floors, this store is well protected against thieves!

Skyrocketing growth

UNIQLO generates, thanks to an especially strong performance in Russia, France, and the United Kingdom significant revenue growth. By focusing on opening new stores in prime urban locations, the brand finds new opportunities to produce impressive results.

In August 2018 we had an extremely successful opening of our first store in Sweden, which attracted a queue of 1,000 customers on opening day – Management, UNIQLO


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