ARGUS AM Loop: Ready for sale

Cross Point announced on April 15th the long-awaited successor of the STYLUS AM System: the ARGUS AM Loop System. This new AM-system is the most aesthetically designed and most unobscured device on the market yet.

The ARGUS AM Loop is multi-purpose and can extensively replace the STYLUS. Two months later, we are ready for sale!

Difference with STYLUS

Since the introduction of our STYLUS AM30 system, we have done several successful installations worldwide. However, we noticed that the demand for concealed systems is greater than that for a visible door frame mounted system such as the STYLUS.

Aesthetic quality

A lot of retailers are concerned about maintaining the aesthetic quality of their store. The ARGUS AM Loop System is an EAS system which perfectly fits into walls or door frames, resulting in an almost fully concealed security system.

Also in shopping centres, we see an increasing need for concealed systems. Shopping mall owners want a uniform appearance in the entire shopping mall and when stores close or new stores are created, they do not want to break floors or tiles.

Available from next week

Our production lines and distribution channels are ramped up and the product can be fully introduced to the market.

Together we win the race

The ARGUS Floor and Loop are competing with the best concealed EAS systems on the market. They are packed with sophisticated technology that retailers can count on to get their shop(s) secured. It provides shops with a high level of security sets a new bar for EAS performance and efficiency.


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