Being in control of all your stores and save time and cost

Keep your EAS systems organized and active—All in One Place. Cross Point gives you secure access to all your systems.

Remote Service and Cross Point Analytics allow you to have real-time access and control from anywhere. Experience the Ease of Use Design of our Remote Service for yourself!

You are in Control

Our systems have developed into fully-fledged store-management systems that can help you manage your store way more conveniently than it would in the early 2010s.

On the map you see an overview of all your stores. In this way you’ll immediately notice where problems arise and you can even solve them remotely without traveling to the store, which saves you valuable time and cost. Every manager needs information on store performance in order to make the right decisions to protect and increase profits.

The various components, like visitor counters and article surveillance systems work together as a complete integrated solution. The customer can see real time store comparisons, how many visitors have be visiting the store over the last days/weeks/months. The Cross Point solutions boost the operational excellence of the stores.

“In managing a large chain of stores operational excellence is key. How do you keep track of local store performances and how do you notice irregularities in the operations of loss prevention? The answer is simple: Cross Point Remote Service and Analytics. These Cloud-based solutions are explicitly designed to ensure productivity.

The detailed maps, performance stats, and ease of use are designed to optimize your company’s performance. Once customers have experienced our solutions they understand why Cross Point is unique in its approach towards Remote Service and Analytics” – Lucas Boelen, CEO of Cross Point

Best Analytics Software for your Stores

Which layout of the store is best performing? At what time do I need another store employee to come in? What is the impact of the weather on my store performance?

With Cross Point Analytics the store manager can answer all these questions real-time with the use of his mobile phone making it easier, faster and better to manage the store.

All embedded software is designed, implemented, tested and maintained by Cross Point engineers. This results in an optimal integration with the hardware and the embedded software running on top of it to provide our customers with a high-end product.

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