Cross Point introduces Photo Alert System to optimise store operations

Recent market research has demonstrated that goods left behind in shopping trolleys while passing through the checkout lane, result in a substantial income deficit for retailers. These so-called ‘forgotten goods’ leave the store unnoticed and unpaid for. Cross Point’s Photo Alert System tackles the problem of so-called ‘forgotten goods’ in a simple effective way, helping to optimise store operations.


Traditional prevention methods such as mirrors and general in-store security cameras have proven insufficient to address this problem. Cashiers, who are focused on their primary tasks, payment and customer service cannot observe each trolley as it passes and ‘forgotten goods’ pass unnoticed. The answer? Cross Point’s Photo Alert System.

Dedicated camera

This revolutionary dedicated camera surveillance system is installed under each counter to closely examine each shopping cart as it passes through the checkout. An image of the shopping trolley appears on a special screen mounted next to the cash register, in the cashier’s line of sight. This visual prompt alerts the cashier, identifying that ‘forgotten goods’ remain in the trolley.

Identifying 'forgotten goods'

The Photo Alert system effortlessly and effectively identifies that items have been left behind. This autonomous, easy-to-install, and innovative tool empowers cashiers to be proactive and prevent unpaid goods from leaving the supermarket. An image of the shopping trolley appears instantly on the screen and remains visible to the employee after the cart has passed through the checkout, allowing ample time for a thorough check before payment is accepted.

Eliminating the risk of potential theft

By integrating this affordable extra layer of security into the checkout lanes, cashiers can confidently focus on their primary responsibilities. And the retailer can rely upon the Cross Point Photo Alert system to monitor for ‘forgotten goods’, eliminating the risk of potential theft during the check-out process.

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