The power consumption of Cross Point's systems is considerably lower than that of competitors – up to 90%.

How do we reduce
environmental strain?

Energy savings

Within Cross Point we believe that every product should be made with the environment in mind. Therefore our products are based on durable materials and low power consumption.

To reduce the power consumption of our products to a minimum outside opening hours of your store, we have developed the Green Mode. The Green Mode is available for the majority of our systems. All other products have been designed in such a way that power consumption is already reduced to a minimum, so the Green Mode will not affect these products.

Green Mode

When the Green Mode is active, the electronic boards inside the pedestals remain powered, but power consuming circuits of these boards are switched off.

This reduces the power consumption of these products outside opening hours of your store.


less energy

Detail of the Fortus Antenna - Integrated visitor counters - Cross Point EAS

How does this work?

In most of our systems we have integrated people counters in the top of the pedestal. These counters detect if people are walking in and out. It doesn’t make sense to have systems switched on when there is nobody in the store.

You can schedule the Green Mode that it follows your store’s opening hours. But it’s much smarter to only switch them on when a visitor walks in.

They stay tuned until the visitor walks out again or for a certain amount of time. This is what we call Smart Green Mode.

Low current

We recommend using the Green Mode where possible. This will not only save you money, but also help to reduce the strain of our products on the environment.

Not only Green Mode helps to save energy. We design our boards in such a way that the current through the transmitter coils can be as low as possible. This without compromising on detection distance.

We don’t do this only for you or us, but also for our children.

Remote Service

Our advanced Cloud based platform and associated software tools make it possible for us and our partners to achieve the highest level of quick, solid and reliable service.

Remote service reduces the need to physically visit stores, which helps to reduce traffic related stress on our environment.