How to install the ARGUS in an existing store?

Our Swiss Alliance Partner Pataco AG is very successful with the Cross Point ARGUS AM floor antenna at big DIY customers in Germany and Austria.

By offering the concealed floor solution Pataco is able to fulfil the customer’s needs of Loss Prevention and wide entrances in a rough environment.


Completely integrated in the floor


Detects potential hardware problems at an early stage

Small But

The only visible thing is our Controller Box, which has the size of a sheet of paper

Perfect for rough environments

The Cross Point AGRUS floor system covers up to 1.50m with hardtags and at least 1.20m with DR labels.

Holger Hug, sales manager at Pataco, confirms:

Going for the ARGUS floor system was the right decision in order to provide added value to our customers. To be honest, the planning and integration is more extensive than a standard solution. But thanks to a good support of Cross Point and to concrete construction specialized partners we are able to guarantee a perfect working loss prevention solution to the retailer.


The right choice

It is often that heavily loaded carts or large purchased goods are knocked against the pedestals. By carefully choosing the ARGUS AM Floor System, we eliminated this main issue.

The ARGUS AM Floor System consists of a wall mount control unit and an external antenna, which is completely integrated in the floor of the store’s entrance. The entry width can be extended with several units that are connected to each other.


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