PREMODA is aiming at the concept "making international fashion accessible".

PREMODA is a new subsidiary brand within El Shamsi For Trading & Agencies (Member of SETA Textiles- Group). As a leading and expanding international clothing retailer in Egypt, they buy in very large volumes to deliver to the customer a product based on quality and affordable price targeting the C and B classes in the community.


Made for wide entrances


Detects potential hardware problems at an early stage


Integrated bidirectional sensors

When fashion meets technology

Fashion stores have always been a favorite spot for shoplifters. The specific nature of these stores, where customers want to feel and fit clothing in the most comfortable way possible, means that the retailer sometimes does not dare to think about security.

We deliver high-end detection by integrating our state-of-the-art pedestal, the MAXUS AM50. Thanks to its design it perfectly blends in the look and feel of the PREMODA shop.

City Centre Almaza

The PREMODA store has a retail space of 1000m² in order to serve the shopping concept experience.

With a professional yet personable approach, Jovi Tronix went beyond what would be expected to accommodate the needs of PREMODA in the Shopping Mall of Almaza (Egypt).

Jovi Tronix is an expert in the EAS field and kept in close contact with PREMODA and Cross Point throughout the process to ensure communications were being relayed efficiently and effectively.

IoT with Retail Analytics

With Cross Point Analytics you’ll have all information at your fingertips.

You can see at a glance whether the systems are supplied with power, how busy it is in the store, what the conversion is but also what the weather is like.

This is the most comprehensive form of Retail Analytics and our MAXUS systems provide all data for this.

We couldn’t have done this without Cross Point’s support. – Vicky Lalwani, founder & CEO Jovi Tronix


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