Meet the Cross Point
Development Team

Since the start of Cross Point, more than 25 years ago, we have been developing most of our products ourselves through our development team. From our first RF EAS antenna, the XP Supervisor, up to our current products like the MAXUS AM50 and ARGUS AM systems as well as our Cloud, Remote Service and Analytics software. All have been completely designed and developed by our skilled development team.

Developing our own products has always positioned us ahead of competitors, making it possible to distinguish ourselves and to respond quickly to new market developments and demands. We would like to let you in on the various aspects of our development team.

Hardware Development

The hardware team exists of senior hardware design engineers.
They have a lot of experience in analog electronics and Radio design. An EAS system consists of transmitter and receiver parts and this is one of the most difficult aspects in hardware design.

According to the highest standards

Our engineers translate these designs into Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) which are then verified on the workbench. Before a PCB is ready to be built into a product, we usually run a couple of iterations. When a product is that far in the development stage, external tests have to be arranged in order to validate the Electromagnetic Compatibility guidelines.

In order to take the newly designed products in production, making instructions and production tooling is also part of this technology team. All our products are also tested for FCC and CE and our engineers need to design our products according to these standards.

Embedded software

The embedded software, also referred to as ‘firmware’, is a type of software which runs on the physical Cross Point products, like the processors on the PCB. This type of software works closely together with the hardware.

For example, the embedded software on an EAS antenna is responsible for, but not limited to, the signal processing, alarming and visitor counting.

All embedded software is designed, implemented, tested and maintained by Cross Point engineers. This results in an optimal integration with the hardware and the embedded software running on top of it to provide our customers with a high-end product.

User Applications

Our software engineers are responsible for the user applications that work together with our products. Tools like Device Explorer and Analytics, but also our complete Cloud and the various Apps, have been designed to be able to offer USPs, like remote service and analysis of the performance of stores that are connected to our Cloud.

Adding new features, new developments as well as maintenance on these applications is completely taken care of by our well skilled software engineers. They are using the latest standards in software.

So, we, the Cross Point Development Team, will continue to design and develop more innovative products, which will make it possible for us and our customers to help retailers to minimize losses and to maximize profit.

It is challenging to introduce new and state-of-the-art products every year again. So far we succeeded and we are proud that our products are seen as a worldwide benchmark.


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