NEXUS Black = back

After initially launching our fan favorite Silver NEXUS-series in 2017, we soon received many requests if it would be possible to have it available in Black as well. We took these requests very seriously and after doing our own due diligence, we came to the conclusion that this would be the way to go forward.

By popular demand

After four very successful years, we found ourselves at a cross road. Due to many changes in the supply chain, it became a challenge to keep both the Silver and the Black NEXUS-series. Therefore, we made the call to let go of the NEXUS Black in total.

But by popular demand and very helpful insight from our highly valued Partners, we came to the conclusion that the NEXUS Black is a vital part of our portfolio.

So as of 10-10-2022, we officially re-release our NEXUS Black!


For any further enquiries please get in touch with us via our Contact page.


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