Chrome Detacher Cross Point EAS

Aluminum Detacher

Detachers are sometimes used a thousand times a day and are subject to wear. Durable material is therefore an advantage, with steel and aluminum being excellent choices.

Our CodeLOCK detacher models are stand-alone detachers, intended for Cross Point patented OSTRA AM and RF tags with shell. To prevent usage after opening hours, they are provided with a lock. In addition, they can be used recessed in the counter and mounted on the counter. Of course there is the possibility to secure it to the desk to prevent removal of the detacher.


9.600 Gauss
Release Force

Recessed and Desktop mounted


Lock it!

During and after opening hours, unauthorized use of the detacher should be prevented.

Therefore Cross Point CodeLOCK detachers can be locked using a special key.

Cross Point Aluminium EAS Detacher

The perfect tag needs the perfect detacher

Use the Ostra CodeLOCK tags along with the CodeLOCK Detacher to secure your shop with best-in-class security.

Our OSTRA CodeLOCK tags are available for AM and RF and are made of the best materials.

9.600 Gauss Release Force

With a detachment force of 9.600 gauss, it is far beyond the force of that of competitor models.

We also offer 12.500 Gauss models in Aluminum.

Mounting Methods

CodeLock Aluminum Detacher features

  • Locking

    Unauthorized use of the Cross Point CodeLOCK Detachers can be prevented by using a special key to lock the CodeLOCK Detachers

  • 9.600 Gauss release strength

    This CodeLOCK Detacher has a release force of 9.600 Gauss, the best in the world. Tags with this strength cannot be opened with a normal detacher.

  • Designed for OSTRA Tags

    The opening in the detacher is designed in such a way that the magnets enclose our tags perfectly.

  • Recessed and desktop mounting

    The detacher can be used as a desktop model or mounted recessed in the counter.


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