The SOLUS RFM40 pulse-listening mono system is a Retail Loss Prevention system that offers premium security in a modern and solid jacket, designed and optimized for maximum performance in supermarkets, hypermarkets and DIY stores.

The SOLUS RFM40 offers remote connectivity, which enables direct insight in store and system performance. Automatically generated reports can be sent to your mailbox and information can be easily integrated into existing management information systems.

Remote maintenance guarantees optimum operation at minimum cost.

RF Mono




Fully featured

The SOLUS RFM40 system is a fully featured, extra robust antenna which is the perfect solution for every modern retailer.

The pedestal with RF mono technology was designed to deliver a solid performance in any retail environment, yet still with class and style.

Details of the Strong Foot of the Solus EAS Antenna - Cross Point

Strong Base

The SOLUS RFM40 has a solid, yet slender profile of 56 mm x 380 mm. The open frame design enables integration of advertising or branding panels.

This pedestal has a reinforced base-frame, wich makes it highly suitable for DIY-stores and supermarkets. Cross Point delivers trolley guides that match perfectly for this pedestal.


Especially in supermarkets, it is sometimes necessary to have no detection on one side of the pedestal due to the narrow aisles.

Cross Point offers an elegant solution for this; shielding. Our shielding not only looks nice, it is made of anodized aluminum and is very sturdy. Exactly what is needed in a supermarket today.

Remote Service

Cross Point is a pioneer in remote service. All our systems are connected in the cloud.

We can solve 89% of the issues remotely without visiting the store. A big gain in time and money, and no technicians in your entrance for maintenance.

Laptop with dashboard Device Explorer - Cross Point

Typical SOLUS RFM40 Features

  • Strong pedestal

    The SOLUS RFM40 is a very strong pedestal with robust aluminum profiles. Optionally an extra wide base plate is available for unstable of wooden floors.

  • Advertising or branding?

    The SOLUS RFM40 can be equipped with advertising panels or can blend in the environment as a maximum transparent system. But just add your branding is also an option.

  • Build from sustainable materials

    We care for our environment. We choose our materials with special care. Every part can be recycled and is indicated for recycling with special international marks.

  • Remote Service

    No, not needed for the system. But if you display your secured merchandise too close to the system, you don't want to call a technician!


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