Replay of our webinar of our ARGUS AM Loop

Our new ARGUS AM Loop is the most aesthetically designed and most unobscured system ever made by Cross Point. After various succesful installations, we are ready to tell you the ins and outs about our top-notch loop system.

A lot of retailers are concerned about maintaining the superior aesthetic aspects of their store. The ARGUS AM Loop System is an EAS system which perfectly fits into walls or door frames, resulting in an almost fully concealed EAS system.

Also in shopping malls, we see an increasing need for concealed systems. These malls often prefer wide entrances without deploying visible security devices to create a uniform appearance in the entire mall.

Interesting for

All sales reps and sales managers who are selling premium EAS solutions to retailers

Business development professionals and account managers who play a role in satisfying customers’ needs or advising store designers

Technicians who want to know the specific features

Watch the replay below

This new AM-system is the most aesthetically designed and most unobscured device on the market yet.



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