Retailers are implementing our Visitor Flow Management solution in the Benelux

Our Belgian Alliance Partner Resatec is very successful with this latest Cross Point development. Installations took place in retail stores in Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands.

Retailers are choosing now more and more for the Cross Point solution to assist their store personnel in managing the number of allowed simultaneous visitors.

Live status
on display

Show the current status of the number of visitors allowed to enter the shop

Update your
system remotely

We can update your system remotely with our visitor flow management solution


Integrated visitor counters, wireless counters and camera counters are available to perform this task

Watch the video here!

Keep track of the number of visitors in your store

The integrated visitor counters are fully capable to perform this task. Once a pre-defined maximum number of visitors is reached, a display at the entrance of the store or a tablet carried by store personnel will show a red screen and an acoustic signal will sound, indicating that no more visitors are allowed to enter at that time. When visitors leaving the store again, the display will show a green welcome screen with the number of people that are allowed to enter again.

An excellent solution at a very limited cost!


Due to the effects of the COVID-19 virus on retail environments and associated regulations, the number of simultaneous visitors in stores must be limited and visitor flows must be regulated.

Please have a look at our product page to discover all our possibilities!


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