Smart visitor flow management solutions

Due to the effects of COVID-19 (coronavirus) on retail environments and associated regulations, the number of simultaneous visitors in stores must be limited and visitor flows must be regulated.

To assist store personnel in controlling the number of allowed simultaneous visitors, several solutions are available. These solutions are based on detecting and counting the number of visitors entering and leaving the store. Integrated visitor counters, wireless counters and camera counters are available to perform this task.

Once a pre-defined maximum number of visitors is reached, a display in the entrance of the store or a tablet carried by store personnel will show a red screen, indicating that no visitors are allowed to enter at that time. When visitors leave the store again, the display will show a green screen with the number of people that are allowed to enter again.

Live status on display

To show the current status of the number of visitors allowed to enter the shop, a display can be installed at the entrance of the shop.

When the maximum number of allowed visitors has not yet been reached, the green screen shows the number of visitors that are still allowed to enter.

Once the maximum number of visitors is reached, the screen will turn red, prompting new visitors to wait. As soon as visitors leave the shop, the screen will turn green again.

Visitor counters

Wireless Counters and Camera Counters can be used to count the number of visitors.

They will relay the visitor numbers to our Access Point and the result is shown on the live status display in the entrance of the shop.

Wireless Counters
Quick and easy installation

Camera Counters
High accuracy, easy installation

Integrated counters

In case our anti-shoplifting systems are already installed in your shop and they are online, we can update your system remotely with our visitor flow management solution.

The green lights in the top of the pedestals are on when visitors can enter. As soon as the maximum number of allowed visitors is reached, the lights will turn to red, until visitors leave the store again.

To enhance visibility, the counting result can also be shown on the live status display in the entrance of the shop.

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