Spring is here! Xperience a fresh start

Welcome to Spring at Cross Point! The spring season brings fresh starts, and new possibilities. At Cross Point, we are celebrating the change of season by rolling out our recently launched Xperience Platform and the EAS products connected to it. This spring, we are giving you the perfect opportunity to experience the future of retail technology.

The Xperience Platform provides an enhanced user experience, allowing you to interact with all the data you need. You can explore store data like never before with a total performance insight! Benefit from local and remote service on mobile devices and wireless local connectivity. The app offers a comprehensive overview of cutting-edge analytics, data visualization, and reporting capabilities. Discover our latest technology and experience the future this spring.

We are proud to offer these revolutionary products! Take a look at the modern, high-tech design of these antennas with a unique high-performance detection range, up to 2,7 meters! Made of solid, lightweight material, they provide a winning customer experience, minimizing loss and maximizing store performance and profit. Available in three enchanting shades, the XSENSE AM45 antennas come equipped with high-level retail technology.


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