The underlying uniqueness of non-traditional markets

Non-traditional markets for Cross Point encompasses anything that is not retail. Creativity and innovation are important aspects to gain success in this type of new branches.

New Business

Explore revenue-boosting branches by diverting focus towards non-traditional markets

Attract Customer

Word of mouth can create a buzz about the product or service

Atypical market

Doing business in a non-traditional market is atypical. It is a type of business model that sets you as a partner apart from your competitors.

Some examples include: football stadia, museums and even churches. In a non-traditional market, our partners have proven to be extremely dynamic. New methods are forever in the making to convince these clients of Cross Points benefits.

This medieval cathedral installed a Cross Point 3D camera to count the actual numbers of visitors. With the reporting tool in Cross Point Analytics they where able to report higher visitor numbers. As a result of that they were able to collect higher subsidies from the government.

An astounding number of companies are using our products as a tool to protect their environment against thefts and/or to track the visitor flow. The key to closing unconventional clients is to make wise recommendations focused on the intended end-user, in order to maximize the results.

We see future in non-traditional markets

Non-traditional markets enable you as a partner to attract consumer attention and brand awareness, which is vital. By exploiting a message that is out of the norm, a consumer’s retention rate will increase. They are most likely to remember your brand name over a longer period of time. Moreover, the efficiency through word of mouth can create a buzz about the product or service.

Cross Point NEXUS AM systems installed in the fanshop inside KAA Gent football stadium.

Diversifying your customer portfolio

By exploring revenue-boosting branches by diverting focus towards non-traditional markets, we believe our partners can optimize their customer portfolio in order to achieve a sizable growth. Diversification in products and industries has played an important role in the economic development of Cross Point in the past years. That’s why we internally consider non-traditional markets as the engines of economic expansion.

By connecting the dots between our best-selling markets and the non-traditional markets, we get the best from two worlds. It’s a really interesting business model — a mix of old and very new industries. The bank industry, warehouses, public places,… There are so many angles to come at this.

Cross Point is continuously working to diversify its product portfolio in order to reach the needs of new branches and to attract new clients.


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