The value of customer service in this digital age

The majority of communication with the Cross Point Support team goes through email and via the phone, but we understand that sometimes sending a message via WhatsApp gets things back on track or can just be an easier way to explain a complicated idea.

Within the Cross Point organization, Toufik and Harold act as points of contact for technical problems for customers, partners and employees. Over the years they have adapted smoothly to their changing demands.

Remote or on site

Technical problems are mapped out together with the reporter, analyzed and, if possible, resolved remotely. If it is necessary to send a technician on site, we contact our partner.

Thanks to their many years of experience at Cross Point, Harold and Toufik ensure our customers are successful at installing any of the products and services we offer.

The support team is highly collaborative across the entire company to make sure our partners get the attention that they require—whether this means working with the account manager, technicians or the retailer.

Winning the moments that matter

Sometimes Support Engineer Toufik visits the customers to make adjustments or improvements to existing installations or to supervise a new installation.

By providing training sessions in Emmen (the Netherlands) on a regular basis to our partners, we ensure they have all the knowledge needed. As a result of this, Cross Point products are correctly installed in the retail stores throughout the world.


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