Corona has dominated retail for longer than expected.
Go for an active door policy.

As COVID-19 continues to weave its way into our daily lives, it’s important that retailers reflect on their business processes and consider next steps as we begin to plan for the new normal.

To assist store personnel in controlling the number of allowed simultaneous visitors, several solutions are available. These solutions are based on detecting and counting the number of visitors entering and leaving the store. Integrated visitor counters, wireless counters and camera counters are available to perform this task.

Stay in control

The last decade we haven’t experienced this amount of uncertainty, it has become overwhelmingly clear that it has never been more important to control what you can as retailer, for yourself, your employees and your customers.

Social distancing

Social distancing has changed the way we go to work and shop.

Governments determine which types of shops are considerd as essential and who may remain open. Companies have been forced to completely alter their business practices, and there’s been a push to innovate new tools to help us understand, navigate, and attract customers whatsoever.


As the world begins to normalize again, and retailers are able to reopen their doors to the public, organizations need to be prepared for a shift in what will be expected as acceptable and profitable.

More than ever, marketing and PR activities will need to have a positive ROI.

Now is a good time to consider investing in visitor flow management system that can still be effective after the pandemic, as an efficient customer counter.


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