Designed for tough environments like DIY-stores and supermarkets, yet still with class and style. Meet the FORTUS.


Designed for tough environments like DIY-stores and supermarkets, yet still with class and style. Meet the FORTUS AM40.

Besides an advanced article surveillance system offering the best possible detection performance, FORTUS AM40 also features integrated visitor counting, jammer detection and advertising possibilities.

All systems from the FORTUS AM series offer remote connectivity, which enables direct insight in store and system performance. Automatically generated reports can be sent to your mailbox and information can be easily integrated into existing management information systems.

Remote maintenance guarantees optimum operation at minimum cost.

Also available with RF dual technology and RF mono technology.

Fortified Pedestal

Visitor Counters



Optional RFID

Fully featured

The FORTUS AM40 system is a fully featured, extra robust antenna which is the perfect solution for every modern retailer.

The pedestal with AM technology was designed to deliver a solid performance in any retail environment, yet still with class and style.

Bidirectional Visitor Counter Sensors

Bidirectional sensors, integrated in the FORTUS AM40 antennas, count the number of visitors entering and leaving the store.

This enables you to easily verify and adjust staff planning and optimize store performance. But these counters are not only used for counting visitors. In cause of an alarm, the direction of the person leaving or entering the store is registered, so you can take appropriate action. And there is more; they register if your entrance is blocked.

Detail of the green light - Fortus AM40

Choose your light

The top light in the antenna lights up in the color of your choice.

It is not only for alarming but also to show that the antenna is switched on. And why not match the LED color bar with the inserted poster. That makes it stunning!

Robust foot of the Fortus AM Antenna - EAS at it's best

Strong Base

The FORTUS AM40 has a solid, yet slender profile of 56 mm x 380 mm. The open frame design enables integration of advertising or branding panels.

This pedestal has a reinforced base-frame, wich makes it highly suitable for DIY-stores and supermarkets.

Integrated Advertising

Integrated advertising is easy to install by lifting the top of the antenna. When the paper advertising poster is inserted, the antenna looks like a picture frame! Advertising is from top to bottom.


A greener world



less energy


The power consumption of our AM systems is considerably lower than that of competitors – up to 90%. How is that possible? After closing our systems go on standby. Halving consumption, doubling the lifespan.

Remote Service

Cross Point is a pioneer in remote service. All our systems are connected in the cloud.

We can solve 89% of the issues remotely without visiting the store. A big gain in time and money, and no technicians in your entrance for maintenance.

Laptop with dashboard Device Explorer - Cross Point

Typical FORTUS AM40 Features

  • Strong pedestal

    The FORTUS AM40 is a very strong pedestal with robust aluminum profiles. Optionally an extra wide base plate is available for unstable or wooden floors.

  • Advertising or branding?

    The FORTUS AM40 can be equipped with advertising panels or can blend in the environment as a maximum transparent system. Just adding your branding is also an option.

  • Integrated visitor counters

    These bi-directional counters enable you to easily verify and adjust staff planning and optimise store performance. They can be used as a doorbell but also register if your entrance is blocked.

  • Integrated metal- and jammer detection

    Specially prepared foil bags used to shield tags or electronic jammers are detected automatically and will trigger an alarm.

  • Smart sensitivity control

    This system tunes itself. Even when the environment is changing. With all LED lighting that is currently used, this is a must-have.

  • Multi-color alarm lights

    Choose you light color. Match with your interior. Or illuminate the top to indicate that the pedestal is switched on. In any color you like.


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