Useful features of our pedestals

Do you know why we install bi-directional counters in our pedestals, even when you don’t want to count visitors? Do you have full knowledge of what our solutions can accomplish?

To get the best results, you’ll see that there’s no point to have separate software to have a lot of features, like for entrance blocking, doorbells or alarm directions. This is just one small piece of a much bigger puzzle and you’ll read all about it below. Retailers are looking for providers who can do multiple functions with-in one system. But are you fully aware of all features that our solutions can provide?

Entrance blocking detection

As a store manager, you probably want to keep people seamlessly moving in and out of your store all day long without people blocking the entrance for a small talk with their neighbor!

Unfortunately, having people lingering in your store’s entrance can slow down this progress and can even make your store less attractive to people who want to come in.
Luckily, our pedestals help prevent people from blocking the doorway by producing audible and visual notifications when this situation occurs.

People that are blocking your entrance will be notified gently by a small beep of the pedestal. As a result, these people will automatically move away and clear the entrance again. Also store personnel is notified. In case the entrance is accidentally blocked by merchandise, you’ll be notified as well. This way you can trust that your visitor counting numbers are correct.

Doorbell notification

For small stores, where staff is not always in the store during the day, it is nice to know when a customer comes in. It gives you the chance to greet them personally.

Our systems support a doorbell notification to notify staff that a visitor just entered your store. This notification is fully customizable, so any sound and colour is at your choice. And no, you don’t hear the doorbell again when your customer is leaving the store again.

In- and outgoing alarms

The occasion occurs that you have to deal with alarms during opening hours. It can also happen that someone enters your store with a tagged item from another store, which has not been deactivated or removed.

In order to prevent an outgoing alarm in such situation, the staff is notified about the incoming tagged item. Our systems are able to distinguish between incoming and outgoing alarms. Again, these notifications are fully customizable, so any sound and colour is at your choice. You can even ignore incoming alarms or set an alarm when people carrying a tagged item move too close to the pedestals without walking through them. This prevents also ghost alarms!

Are you looking for more information? Please do not hesitate to contact us.


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