What safe shopping looks like during the pandemic

Whether they stayed open through the pandemic or are just starting to reopen, retailers are confronted with a variety of state guidelines to help them implement social distancing.

To limit the spread of Covid-19, it’s recommended to use nudges to encourage safe behaviour.

Less density

Retailers must lower the amount of people within their store. The easiest way to do that is to limit the number of customers in the store at any time.
Therefore, these retailers should at this time focus on the efficiency of the shopping experience.

Stores may also provide visitor flow modules to encourage behaviour. For example, instead of letting an employee decide if customers may enter the store, build a display connected to a visitor counter to help customers move in the safest way.

In general, the retail environment should be re-designed to make social distancing requirements clear, consistent, a natural extension of normal behaviour, and a socially positive experience.

Gain loyalty as a retailer

Of course, whether or not retail stores in a community can open, depends on the local authorities.

However, in several countries, stores are allowed to open their doors. If retailers show they care about the health of their customers and employees, they can gain a remarkable advantage compared to their competitors. Consumers show loyalty to businesses that are putting health and safety first.

Future business

As the world begins to normalize again, and retailers are able to reopen their doors to the public, organizations need to be prepared for a shift in what will be expected as acceptable and profitable.

More than ever, marketing and PR activities will need to have a positive ROI.
It has never been a better time to invest in Visitor Flow Management systems. They will not only help keep the visitors to your store safe during the pandemic, but will serve you as an efficient customer counter solution. Even after the pandemic!

Together with the Cross Point Analytics platform you have a powerful, yet easy to use web- or app-based tool which gives you complete insight into the performance of your stores.


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