Jack & Jones chooses Cross Point’s 3D90 Camera Counter to boost shop performance!

How many visitors do our stores attract, and what are our hotspots? These were important questions for Jack & Jones which has over 50 stores in the Netherlands. The answers lie in a unique 3D camera counter system. After a successful rollout of these camera counters in 5 other countries, Jack & Jones thought it was time for a complete rollout in the Netherlands.

Improving store performance

The ultimate goal for Jack & Jones was to make sure that every store can analyse customer flow and improve their store performance. With Cross Point’s 3D90 Camera Counter, they will gain insight into their stores and track customer behaviour to help them engage with clientele.

With its advanced imaging technology and analytics, the 3D90 Camera Counter provides the insights needed to optimise resource use, maximise customer attention and ensure the effectiveness of promotional displays. This will help Jack & Jones to identify their hotspots, understand the customer journey, and improve their customer experience.

The 3D90 Camera Counter is the perfect solution! It provides the insights needed to optimise store performance and maximise customer attention. Cross Point’s valued partner Resatec takes care of the successful installation of about 40 stores.

Taking control of data

The Cross Point 3D90 Camera Counter offers a powerful solution for businesses to maximise productivity. With its smart, highly dynamic stereoscopic camera and advanced imaging technology, this sleek product provides precise image processing and rich application software to gain valuable insights into retail spaces. Incoming, outgoing, and dwell zone counting is highly accurate. Jack & Jones can stay ahead of the competition with this cutting-edge product.

Cross Point’s multi-award-winning Analytics cloud-based software platform ensures the retailer gets all the data needed. The user-friendly and highly adaptable user interface allows one to observe and analyse visitor counts and conversion rates, check system integrity for individual stores, or make comparisons between stores. And even track weather influences on the visitor rate!

Almost invisible

The camera’s range of 2m to 4m allows it to cover an area of up to 5 m by 6 m and it is almost unnoticeable when flush mounted in the ceiling. The camera uses advanced technology with numerous zones and counting lines. Up to 8 zones and 10 count lines can be defined in the camera image. By linking several cameras, you can seamlessly make the counting lines and zones larger.

The dwell time tracking function can determine how long consumers stay in a particular area of your establishment. With this crucial information, combined with data analysis, retailers can accurately plan the most efficient and effective placement of promotional material.

Maximum customer engagement is essential for a successful business. That’s why Cross Point’s 3D90 camera counter provides measurements of motion data – such as dwell time – allowing the optimal positioning for displays and promotional materials to be accurately determined. Customer attention can be maximised and thus the success of any store!


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